Changing story at a time

The Center for Story is a beautiful and dynamic new facility being built at the heart of our community to enrich, inspire, and teach the young, old, and in between through story in its many forms. This 23,000 square foot facility will feature an auditorium, meeting rooms, an exhibit hall, a room where individuals can record personal and family stories, and a gift shop for storytelling books, CDs, and other merchandise. The Center's year round programming will include:

  • performance and workshops by the best regional and national storytellers;
  • puppetry and dramatic presentations;
  • lectures, literary readings, and readers' theater;
  • music, dance, and film screenings;
  • storycrafting and writers' workshops; and,
  • fine art and touring exhibits.
The Center for Story will be an expanded venue in our community to bring people together in lifelong learning:

  • People of all ages and from all walks of life will be enriched by The Center's programs, festivals, and events.
  • Visitors will enjoy deep and lasting impressions by experiencing story through multiple art forms, including the finest literary, performing, and visual art.
  • Families will be strengthened and generations will be bound together by the personal and family stories shared and preserved at The Center.
  • As home to the National Youth Storyteller Showcase, youth tellers from around the state and across the nation will converge here to receive the finest training in the traditional art of storytelling.
  • The Center's school outreach programs will help the youth of today be better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow as they increase their ability to engage with others through the spoken word and story.
  • Stories which are important to our history and to the memory of our culture will be preserved and made accessible for generations to come through The Center's unsurpassed storytelling resource collection.
  • Educators will experience greater success by being taught in The Center's workshops the effective use of story in the classroom.

  • The Center for Story will be the center in the nation for preserving and promoting the traditional art of storytelling.

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